The platform, know the difference.


Joe Murray, Experience

  • NYPD police officer (1987-2002)
  • Adjunct Lecturer at ASA College on various, Criminal Justice subjects (2007-2008)
  • Criminal Defense attorney (2009-2019)
  • Advocate on police-community relations
  • Represent police officers in criminal cases, departmental administrative trials, and civil actions.
  • Representing police personnel being retaliated against for reporting corruption.
  • Represent victims of civil rights violations.
  • Represent crime victims.
  • Never a politician and not seeking higher office.

Joe Murray, Issues

  • I support law enforcement.
  • I objected to the termination of Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo, a professional police officer and active crime fighter keeping our community safe .
  • Yes, Riker’s Island should remain open and continue to function as a city jail.
  • Yes, cash bail is an effective tool for our judges to have the discretion to use to ensure that a criminal defendant returns to court.
  • Yes, I support common sense enforcement of low level offenses including quality of life offenses, so we do not go back to the bad old days of NYC in the 1980s and 1990s that I and my colleagues in the NYPD fought so hard to eradicate from our community.

Melinda Katz, Experience

  • No law enforcement experience
  • No Criminal Justice teaching experience but was adjunct at Queens College, Constitutional Law
  • No Criminal Defense experience
  • No experience in police-community issues
  • No experience representing police officers at all
  • No experience fighting to protect police personnel being retaliated against for reporting corruption
  • No experience representing victims of civil rights violations
  • No experience representing crime victims
  • Career politician being term-limited out of her current job.  Needs to find another job.

Melinda Katz, Issues

  • Katz does not support law enforcement.
  • Katz called for the firing of Officer Pantaleo.
  • No, Katz believes Riker’s Island should be closed and advocates for opening community jail in Kew Gardens.
  • No, Katz supports the elimination of cash bail eliminated and defendants should be trusted to return to court no matter how many times they failed to appear in court in the past.
  • No, Katz does not believe in enforcement of low level offenses or quality of life offenses.

Joe Murray, Right for the Community, Perfect for Queens