Fight Corruption

As a former NYPD officer and amateur boxer, Joe Murray stands up against powerful forces daily, and he isn’t afraid to take on hard battles. His career as an attorney is a testament to this, and as the Queens District Attorney (DA), he understands that taking on the difficult battles will be his job. “I see this as an existential battle for the heart and soul of the city,” he says, knowing the significance of the position, “The Queens DA’s office comes with powers to prosecute crimes and uproot corruption; I intend to use those powers.”

Murray sees corruption every day, against ordinary people. During one such case, he was hired by Svetlana Travis Zakharova, a woman who had been hired by powerful ex-Governor Elliot Spitzer as an escort. According to Zakhaora, Spitzer physically assaulted her in his hotel room, where there was ample evidence of blood and broken glass on the floor to support her case. However, when she tried to press charges, it was she who was arrested on the grounds of extortion and kept against her will by the police department.

“I was abhorrent of that type of behavior, and I intend to ensure it never happens to one of my Constituents,” Murray recalled, “It is my obligation not to look the other way, but to ensure justice for the citizens. If I am elected, I will not be looking the other way; I will be looking out for the citizens of Queens, and I will not play favorites – you have my word.”

Joe Murray has always fought for the regular guy, and it is in his nature to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. Murray admits, “The people have told me when I have gone across the county that they often feel powerless against the well connected, and I intend to change that.” To fight this battle, Murray will employ the DA’s task force, a group of investigators and ex-policemen who are beyond reproach: a team that will not be bought by the well-connected. As a team, they will make Queens safe again.

“I am not a career politician. I am not someone looking for my next job in politics. I am someone who wants to ensure that the people are treated fairly and that our sons and daughters can walk the streets of Queens in safety.”

— Joe Murray